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ClassWeb had choosen to be Website Brazil of the day in 09/15/1999.

Review : Finance and Economics are subjects of the interest a lot web-surfers as they can get major benefits of online services. There are few quality financial guides on the brazilian web, and EconoFinance is one of them. It is really worthy to browse among the different sections of the site and be up-to-date about what is happening in the "Planet Money". Check it out!


Web Guide had choosen to be Highlighted Website of the day in 09/03/1999.

Review: With a serious and practical interface, presents, in inglish or portuguese, everything that is necessary to know how to deal with the day-to-day of finance. You can check real time online quotes, convert exchange rates to your local currency and read the latest news from around the globe. The website also features financial links, statistical agencies, a Wall Street webchat and much more. Now you you don't have how to loose your money because of lack of information...


LinkNews had choosen to be the cool site of the day in 08/19/1999.

Review: Intending to be a financial portal, brings the last business and finance news, real time quotes (commodities and fixed income bonds) and presents several online services, such as: dictionary, exchange rates converter, links (banks, stock markets, etc). In addition, offers magazines and bookstores recommendations to finance and economics related subjects. Highlight for the quality of the contents. Text in english and portuguese.


Selected in 09/14/1999 as one of the best financial sites in Brazil.